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Tips on 70s Costumes for Women

Tips on 70’s Costumes for Women

If you’ve been invited to a 70’s theme party, your first concern would be what to wear. Of course, you wouldn’t want to look odd from everyone else in the party. There are tons of 70s costumes  for women and ideas you can draw inspiration from.  You only need to get creative with the ideas in order to achieve the best possible result. One of the places you can explore for wide range of 70’s costumes is your local costume store. Keep reading…

70’s Theme Costume Ideas for Women

Women started gaining control over what they wear in the 60s and 70s. Some of the women’s 70s fashions that became popular even till date include the flare-legged pants and jeans. Also, flowing skirts became the fashion vogue in that era, alongside organic and earthy tops. These fashion trends are suitable for today’s 70’s theme party. You can garnish off your look with beaded bracelet and similar hand-crafted jewelry pieces.

If you want to achieve a daring appearance in your 70’s costumes for a 70s themed party, halter top on miniskirt will work best. Wear knee-high boots to complement the look. If you are wearing cotton shorts, a better top to match would be a retro t-shirt with 70s character. Recently in a party, I saw a young lady wearing a retro t-shirt with Princess Leia boldly inscribed on the front side of the shirt. She gained a lot of attention and admiration as people kept staring at her.

And, if you are looking for the most suitable 70’s evening look for a woman, the following clothing units will work best;

  • Bell-bottom one piece suit
  • High-waist belt

A lot of women in the 70’s used the tropical or animal print suits for evening outings. These would also suit today’s evening gowns.

70’s Accessories and Hairstyles for Women

70’s costumes for women cannot be complete without suitable retro hairstyles and accessories. The following accessories are usually more suitable for hippie 70s clothing;

  • Friendship bracelets
  • Beads
  • Peace symbols
  • Dangling and sparkling earrings – more suitable for disco look

For your hairdo, anything long and straight will match your 70’s clothing style. You can also use curling iron to achieve a feathered hairstyle. These are the hairdos that attracted attention in the 70s and are suitable for any 70’s theme party.

Fortunately, you can find any of these items in thrift and second-hand stores. One of the best places to go for such items is online. Online costume stores, Ebay and other auction sites will be a great place to land the best deal on 70’s costumes. If you prefer to add some custom features to your own 70’s fashion, you can assemble the costume units and create yours at home.