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Halloween Costume Ideas

Top 7 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Sometimes you could be carried away with business and other busy schedules. Then, suddenly, you remembered you’ve not made any plan for your Halloween costume. Not to worry, even at the last minutes, you can use these top 10 last minute Halloween Costume Ideas to get a befitting Halloween costume. This way, you wouldn’t celebrate the Halloween without a costume. Ready? Let’s go!

Here are last minute Halloween costume concepts using things around your home;

#1:  Three-Headed Person

You’ve probably seen people wearing the three-headed Halloween costume during the Halloween celebration. It’s one of the last minute Halloween clothing concepts you can easily get around with.

What you would need

·        Two balloons

·        Drawing tools

·        Necklaces or neckties

This is how it goes; inflate the two balloons and use your drawing tools to create faces on each balloon. Attach one balloon to your right shoulder, and the other to your left shoulder and ensure you are wearing similar ‘collars’ with the balloons. You can either use necklaces or neckties as your collars.

#2: Blue Sky

Create an impression of blue sky with your Halloween costume using things around your home. How does it work? First, you need the following;

·        Blue outfit

·        Construction paper or felt

Use the construction paper to create the sun, birds and clouds. Place the constructed sun, bird and clouds creatively on the blue clothing. You are set to attract attention from everyone who passes by!

#4: Gypsy

This is another quick idea from the last minute Halloween costume ideas, it’s also a Halloween standard. However, you can get creative with this costume concept by complementing your long skirts with beads, handkerchief and shawls.

#5: Cat

One of those last minute Halloween costume ideas is the cat concept. Ensure that the clothing for the costume has solid color, reflecting cat color. Use a strip of fabric or paper to construct a collar and two ears, attached to a headband.  You can use another piece of fabric to make the tail. If your makeup kit has a dark color, you can use it to add nose and whiskers.

#6: Superhero

You definitely would love to mimic a superhero character in your favorite movie or cartoon with your Halloween costume. You can quickly use the things you have around your home to skillfully create a super-hero costume for Halloween.

#7: Cowboy

This is one of the easiest Halloween costumes you can come up with at the last minute. You probably have jeans already. Simply add a cowboy/cowgirl hat, boots and flannel shirt to complete the dressing. Don’t forget to complement the entire outfit with a bandana.

When you are stuck and don’t know what to do at the very last minute, these Halloween costume ideas would bail you out.

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