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Madonna Inspired 80s Costumes Ideas

Madonna Inspired 80s Costumes Ideas


Madonna is one of the popular 80s pop stars that inspired a lot of people with her pop music. Moreover, her dressing styles for concerts and musical shows left a dressing pattern that had trailed on, till date.


So, whether you want to create the 80s theme with your party dress or Halloween costume, Madonna inspired 80s costumes ideas will make all the difference.


Madonna Inspired 80s Costumes Ideas


Madonna’s pop music style was simply thrilling and inspirational. Even, other pop stars such as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears got inspirations from Madonna’s pop music and unique fashion. One of the great ways to draw attention to yourself this Halloween or in a party is to go for Madonna inspired 80s costumes.


Amazingly, you can create award-winning Madonna inspired 80s themes inexpensively. The fashion is such that you can use clothing from your closet or purchase cheap ones from your local thrift store.

Dressing up Like Madonna in the 80s


If you can use your imagination to picture Madonna in her 80s costumes for concerts, then you can have just what you pictured.


So, how did she dress for concerts in the 80s?

80's Groove

80’s Groove


She would wear black tank top or halter on a black miniskirt. Her dressing items included fishnet stockings or short leggings. You can choose to wear ripped faded jeans in place of black mini skirt.


Also, she decked her arms with fingerless gloves usually dark in color, and would decorate her wrists with multiple silver and black bracelets. You can also highlight the entire look with extended multiple necklaces.


The best suited footwear for the 80s costumes is black sneakers. However, ankle boot appeared to be trendier then and even now. Leg warmers were also essential part of Madonna’s costumes.


Madonna’s makeup was majorly black eyeliner applied heavily, alongside blue color eyeshadow. Integrating a beauty mark slightly above your mouth with black eyeliner will help accentuate your looks. Finish up your makeup with red lipstick.


Adorn your hair to mimic the 80s costumes by Madonna. The secret is to purchase a blonde wig and decorate the hair with a bold elastic bow.


Material Girl Concept


Create the Material Girl concept to bring back the memories of Madonna’s Material Girl.

You will need an old prom pink dress. This should cost you little or nothing. You can get a relative, colleague or friend who may still have their pink prom dress in their closets. Alternatively, you can walk into your local thrift store to buy cheap one. Go for strapless pink evening gown that reminds people of 80s costumes and fashions.


Add accessories such as satin-color elbow-length gloves, and multiple pear necklaces However rhinestone jewelry will look better.

Match your pink dress with pink belt, pink high heels, pink eyeshadow and a light pink lipstick.

Finally, put on your blonde wig to complement your Material Girl 80s costumes.