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Rock Star 80’s Costumes Ideas for Boys

Rock Star 80’s Costumes Ideas for Boys
There are varieties of ideas to help provide a boy with a rock star look. The 80’s costumes to mimic rock stars have been greatly modified in recent times. There are tons of choices for boys when it comes to appearing like a rock star this Halloween or for a theme party. Great ideas are available both for modern and old-fashioned rock star look.
Modern Rock Star Costume Ideas
When it comes to the modern rock star, there are varieties of looks to choose from. Punk rock is notable in this category. Check in stores that sell this type of music. Some ideas for the boys’ punk rock costumes include skinny, black jeans matched with a band T-shirt. An embellished T-shirt will also match the skinny jeans.
Go more funky with a boy’s 80s rock star costumes by adding a checkered or plaid vest worn over the band T-shirt. For a complementing hairstyle, use gel to spike a boy’s hair and use black eyeliner to line his eyes. Put black paint on his nails and put neon bracelets around his wrists.

Hair Band Look
The hair band rock 80s costumes for boys provide a fun and interesting look, plus it can be a unique clothing for a theme party or Halloween. A typical instance is giving a boy a pair of faux leather pants or ripped jeans.
Other accessories to complement the ripped jeans or leather pants include black, heavy boots. An old t-shirt will go well with this attire, especially if it is brightly or multi colored.
Hairstyle to match this 80 theme rock star fashion is a long hair wig, with a bandana tied round it. A wild and puffed hair gives a more complete look. You can achieve this hairdo by tousling the boy’s hair. If you want the hair to stick out, a handful of hairspray would be helpful.
Iconic Look
Even kids were not left out from the iconic fashion of the 1980s influenced by many media icons. Icons like Michael Jackson made multiple colors and different materials popular in the 80s. He wore flashy white gloves, red leather jackets, glossy and somewhat tight black pants, and white socks.
Baggy shorts inspired by the notable basket-baller, Michael Jordon, is one of the 80s fashion that caught the attention of boy kids. Till date, boys love to wear soccer shorts as well as similar active wears. Iconic costumes can provide a boy kid with a unique look at a theme party or during Halloween.
The truth is, coming up with 80’s costumes and 80s theme fashion for boys is not as hard as many think. It only requires some thoughtful planning and inspiration.